Load2Test Framework

Load2Test is a powerful framework for rapid workload scalability validation and problem resolution through integrated, concurrent load testing and load test root cause analysis. Like UpBeat, Load2Test is built on PPM’s common technology platform.

Resolve Performance Problems in Applications and Infrastructure

Cut Test-Debug-Fix cycle time in half

Achieving acceptable levels of scalability often requires several attempts, as performance problems are identified, analyzed and resolved. Load2Test integrates advanced Root Cause Analysis directly into the load test framework, enabling real-time performance analysis of load tests. Everything needed to determine the cause of performance problems limiting scalability is at hand seconds after a load test begins execution. The resulting compression to test-debug-fix cycle times is 50% or more.

Tap the power of advanced performance analytics

Because Load2Test can process vast amounts of performance data – both historical and current – it also provides a rich set of navigation and analysis functions that can be applied to that data. Navigate using browse, search, zoom, visualize, view, and report functions. Conduct snapshot change analysis, SQL performance analysis, parameter change.analysis, SQL change analysis, visual root cause analysis, and RAC cross-node analysis. Load2Test puts all of it at your fingertips.

Validate Application Performance and Scalability

Reduce load test development effort by 80%

Load testing has become an essential part of the development process for business-critical applications. Testing scalability prior to deployment results in significant cost savings and reduction of operational risk, but the act of load testing itself is tedious, resource-intensive, and costly. Load2Test significantly reduces the cost of load testing through the use of non-proprietary test scripting languages, SQL and network protocol sniffers and parsers, and zero dependence on data entry scripting.



Standardize load testing across the enterprise

Load2Test was designed for real-world load testing, across a wide range of application architectures, loads, and environments. Easy to deploy and run with small runtime footprint, Load2Test is suitable for all load testing scenarios. Its back-end-centric load drivers are capable of producing very high loads very efficiently. The runtime framework is compatible with web applications, SOAP-based and RESTful web services, and desktop applications, as well as the database, web and application servers that drive them.

Load2Test Technology Innovations

To learn more about the technology of Load2Test, visit the Load2Test pages in the Products section.


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