Enteros NoSQL Solution

Enteros delivers advanced performance problem identification, diagnosis for Cassandra and MongoDB and load testing for MongoDB database systems. Enteros solution is built on PPM’s common technology foundation and works together with Load2Test to support the full performance problem lifecycle.

Enteros NoSQL Product Suite contains the following products

Enteros UpBeat High Load Capture: advanced performance analysis for root cause, change impact and scalability of NoSQL Cassandra and MongoDB database applications

Enteros Load2Test for databases load testing solution for MongoDB databases that converts production workload into database load testing package to identify and validate scalability of MongoDB infrastructures after upgrades, patches and infrastructure changes by reproduction of real production traffic

To learn more about UpBeat and Load2Test visit the product pages for the individual Enteros products that make up the UpBeat and Load2Test suite.

Performance Problem Identification

Identify performance problems proactively

UpBeat employs patented statistical modeling algorithms to calculate the acceleration of critical performance metrics and clarify acceleration trending. Acceleration with clarified trending clearly identifies unexpected changes in performance much earlier than traditional absolute thresholds. After receiving timely notification by UpBeat of high-risk events, proactively responding to these trends as they are identified, systems operators and database administrators can respond proactively instead of reactively. The ultimate result is a significant, sustainable improvement in the availability of  business-critical applications.

Operate across critical performance metrics

UpBeat continuously collects critical performance metrics across multiple databases, servers, application servers and other operational components. Its customizable dashboards display grid views of component performance in real-time. UpBeat ‘s dashboards can be further simplified through straightforward integration with existing systems management tools, or  by consolidation of  metrics from multiple components into a single logical view.

Minimize identification cost and complexity

UpBeat’s patent-pending agent architecture is easy to deploy without the help of expensive external consultants. Dynamic reconfiguration simplifies ongoing collection management. Designed to operate in heterogeneous production environments, UpBeat is broadly applicable across the data center. The UpBeat console runs on any platform that supports JVM. These features combine to reduce the cost and complexity of problem identification with UpBeat.

Performance Problem Containment and Remediation

Gain real performance insights in real time

Investigating a serious database performance problem with information even a few seconds old greatly increases the likelihood of missing the diagnosis. For such a dynamic situation only real-time information will suffice. UpBeat employs real-time delta sampling technology to provide instantaneous snapshots of database performance whenever requested.

Remediate problems faster with less effort

Identification and remediation of database performance problems involve repetitious, tedious, manual tasks, especially those conducted at the server-side command line. UpBeat decreases both the number of repetitions and the frequency with which these tasks need to be performed. The combination makes order-of-magnitude improvements in remediation efficiency not only possible but within reach.

Empower operations staff

Remediation best practice and the expertise acquired from many years of real-world problem diagnosis and remediation are embedded in each report and utility provided in UpBeat. For less experienced operations staff, using UpBeat is like having a world-class DBA guiding their efforts and pointing the way to successful remediation.

Performance Problem Diagnosis and Root Cause Analysis

Speed root cause and change impact analysis

High-transaction, business-critical applications strain the performance of even the best designed databases. In this workload regime, preservation of application availability is driven by the speed with which performance problems can be analyzed and resolved. UpBeat puts details on changed SQL or changed SQL plans, system statistics, wait events, latches – anything that could negatively impact database availability or performance – in the hands of operations staff at the moment they need them, reducing many analysis tasks from hours to seconds.

Analyze performance of complex enterprise databases

UpBeat is designed to operate efficiently and safely over a wide range of database configurations,  time frames, and environments. It supports analysis across multiple databases, multiple time windows and – in the case of change impact analysis – multiple database versions from the same vendor. It can efficiently process very large amounts of performance-related data with no noticeable impact on the performance of the target databases or the servers on which they run.

Diagnose hard-to-capture performance spikes

Short-duration performance spikes are notoriously difficult to analyze successfully. The very short cycle time makes them effectively invisible to most performance analysis tools. Unlike other tools, UpBeat computes performance metrics with sub-second precision, illuminating system behavior within the time interval needed to determine root cause.

Correlate performance issues across multiple application tiers

Although multi-tier applications are common, robust support for  their analysis lags behind. UpBeat removes this lag with fast, scalable correlation of performance metrics from any number of servers or back-end application tiers. UpBeat enables operations staff to understand performance problems whose root cause contains distributed factors, especially "perfect storm" problems that can only be solved by correlation of application events at the system level.

Install and apply safely, effectively and securely in business-critical production environments

Enteros and eBay co-developed UpBeat to be applied safely and effectively to live business-critical applications, especially during periods of high load, the operating regime most likely to trigger performance degradation. UpBeat employs a secure communication protocol for control and management of its collection agents to uphold the security of sensitive production environments.

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